Problem Solver

Tim Rich

Areas Tim Rich is Knowledgeable in:

sociology, marketing, market research.

Techniques Tim Rich Uses:

Social science methodologies, statistical methods, network analytics, and a double dose of common sense.

Tim Rich's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. social bonding
  2. target population isolation
  3. large-end research studies
  4. social science methodology
  5. statistical modeling
  6. network analytics
  7. organizational analysis
  8. spatial analytics

Tim Rich's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked closely with a marketing research company to undertake surveys of markets and isolate potential customers for their represented brands.
  2. I have managed three researchers in a large-end study looking for the structural conditions of innovation.
  3. I have constructed and performed a research study to extrapolate food cart movement in New York city based upon Twitter data.
  4. I designed a research study to isolate the affect of advertising awards on a advertising art director's career trajectory.