Problem Solver

Venkatesan Parkunan

Venkatesan Parkunan

Areas Venkatesan Parkunan is Knowledgeable in:

nematode diagnostics
plant pathogen diagnostics
phytophthora, pythium and fungi biology and diagnostics

Techniques Venkatesan Parkunan Uses:

I make the big problem into chunks and work on each separate ones and have plan A, B, C etc., so if the expected outcome does not turn out, then study deeply and turn my direction until I find solution for the problem or to understand the holistic picture of the problem. I implement several interdisciplinary and technological tools to minimize the time and cost involved.

Venkatesan Parkunan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. plant pathogen/nematode diagnostics, applied research, molecular marker technology, nucleic acid extraction, gene sequencing

Venkatesan Parkunan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -Designed different methods to isolate pathogens from irrigation pond water
    -Identified several new pathogenic oomycetes vegetable pathogens in irrigation pond water
    -Successfully characterized oomycetes species present in commercial vegetable irrigation ponds
    -Developed a resistant marker for Gummy Stem blight QoI resistant isolates in watermelon
    -Developed a method to isolate oospores from soil and plant material -Determined for the first time the bacterial titer for the citrus greening disease varies from time to time within the same tree and within a single branch.
    -Identified for the first time: race distribution, mating type and fungicide sensitivity for the tobacco black shank pathogen
    -Reported P. inundata for the first time from a tobacco field in Virginia, a second report of this species in the United States