Venkateshwar Chinna

1.owned a patent for effluent treatment of any galvanizing industries and converting them into marketable substances
2.invented a process to recovery of cadmium from silver processing units
3.invented a process to convert alumunium anadiozing sludge into marketable substances
4.nvented a process to treat tannery effluents and earn out of it
5.invented a process to convert polluted lake water into portable water
6.invented a process to convert sewage water into portable water
7.invented a process to convert waste water into portable water for reuse
8.invented a process to treat the battery industrial effluents and recovery of useful products.
9.invented a process to treat rice boiling industrial effluents and convert them into portable water for reuse.
10.invented a process to treat the slaughter effluents and recovery of the useful products.
11.invented a process to treat food stuff industrial effluents
12.invented a process to treat flouinated water to deflourinise.
13.invented a process to treat oil industrial effluents.
14.invented a process to treat textile industrial effluents.
15.invented a process to treat distillary industries
16.invented a process to treat bulk drug industries
17. developed high resolution microscope
18. developed low cost smoke less wood burning chullas/stoves
19. invented new process of electricity generation by chemothermal energy
20.invented aqua life guard. (A life saving jacket)
21.conversion of alumunium sludge of anadizing industries into various marketable products
22.invented super alloy for superconductivity
23.invented new process to generate electricity by trimedial hydro electricity