Problem Solver

Veronica Mackey

Veronica Mackey
If you need something communicated or explained simply and effectively, I'm your girl. I specialize in reducing confusion, taking technical matter and making it easier to understand. Another strong point is my ability to match people correctly. By this, I mean putting people together whose needs, goals and temperament complement each other. I am currently developing a business referral service, focused on nonemployer businesses (independent contractors, consultants, etc.) This group is growing exponentially due to the recession. As more people seek to start their own businesses, the need for referrals has never been greater.

Areas Veronica Mackey is Knowledgeable in:

Getting people or companies access to media coverage
Writing inspirational and compelling messages for business or organizations
Writing/editing articles for publishing outlets
Finding and connecting people, ideas and opportunities that create win-win situations
Turning chaos into order

Techniques Veronica Mackey Uses:

Creative writing, prayer, visualization, personal interviews, networking, Internet research, testing

Veronica Mackey's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. referrals, relationship marketing/networking
  2. writing/editing (personal health, business/finances, political)
  3. organizing/administrative/coordinating special events
  4. public relations/media director

Veronica Mackey's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I suggested and implemented a new classified advertising section which increased revenue for a newspaper by 35%
    - I have written stories about enterpreneurs that increased their presence in the media, and business profit. Also, people have had more success obtaining employment, using resumes which I have written.
    -My health articles and advocacy work has improved the quality of people's lives, resulting in weight loss, more energy, etc. (People have personally contacted me to tell me this).
    -My public relations and communication skills helped achieve parties at a business meeting initiate a successful joint venture even though the principals spoke different languages (English and French)
    -My influence in the media resulted in my client receiving nationwide press coverage from major outlets (CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, CNN), which helped achieve future funding.