Vic Desotelle

Vic Desotelle

Vic Desotelle's Training:

Startup Business Coaching, Leadership Training and Group Facilitation, Engineering and Technical Design, Organizational Development, Sustainable Business, Behavior and Learning, eBusiness Planning and eMarketing, Online Collaboration Tool Creation

Vic Desotelle's Experience:

see http://vicdesotelle.com/resume/

My background is broad and systemic, which is a prerequisite for building and running effective programs. I have diverse skillsets in sustainable development, online e-learning tools, technical design engineering, leadership training, group facilitation, small business management, entrepreneurial coaching, organizational change, and team collaboration, with years of experience in for-profit, non-profit, educational, and technical sectors. My primary interest is facilitating programs that teach and build solutions for social innovation and sustainable design within organizations. My place is with creative companies of people who are alternative thinkers, value the importance of applying new forms of sustainable innovation; done through individual empowerment and team collaboration. I blend group development with interpersonal effectiveness using both onsite and online techniques to improve learning, conflict resolution, and productivity.

Practical Summary of Vic’s Skill Sets

Technical Project Management, Startup Business, Green Development, Group Facilitation, eMarketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Social Innovation, Organizational Learning, Instructional Training

Program Startup Management: Company development and technical management for entrepreneurs
* Social innovation program management within startup or changing environments

Business on the Web: Internet e-marketing, e-communications, and related marcom developments
* Planning your ebusiness

Sustainable Development: Organizational restructuring for sustainability
* Sustainable innovation for today’s business

Strategic planning, group facilitation, applied organizational learning
* http://DiscoveryColabs.com
* Creating a learning exchange marketplace

Corporate Communications: Human(e) social modeling and applications
* Communication-differentiating-debate-discussion-dialogue
* Considerations for a broader thinking model in social architecture

Personal Advisor: Executive coaching, leadership, empowerment, mediation
* Authentic leadership coaching for executives and managers
* A twist on the idea of professionalism in leadership

Enterprise Assessment: Values mapping, staff assessments, company value proposition
* http://vicdesotelle.com/values

Social Innovation: Product service design for social innovation, building communities of practice
* Collaborative design methods for developing social innovation and social capital
* Innovation is a three phase transformation process

see http://vicdesotelle.com/resume/

Vic Desotelle's Experience with Online Groups:

I have designed and lead many types of 'both' onsite (physical) and online (virtual) collaboration processes. I have both technical design and organizational design backgrounds. I am very familiar with numerous collaboration tools and have built a number of client sites, some wiki, some wordpress to accommodate startup business needs. Note as well that I used a mix of online and onsite solutions to help small business startups build their business plans and sort out their marketing and product developments; done when I taught at a business incubator a few years back. I have also helped a few startups who are building online tools for online collaboration including http://QiQoChat.com and http://beta.Zilino.com Being in my 50's I have accumulated many skills that come from life experiences of succeeding and failing - something that is critical for providing good faciliation.

A key online facilitation to mention is the "Learning Disability Canada" project I did. It was half year long project, done across all of Canada via online, all which was performed online using various information management and team interaction tools and processes. The aggregate of what I built can be seen here at this wiki project logging site: https://sites.google.com/site/ldacphoenix/

Another interesting project was the "online facilitators unconference' in 2013. Unconferences use many processes that bring creativity to a peek. Although the site has been taken down now, you can see it's remnants at https://web.archive.org/web/20131029055058/http://ofu2013.org/