Patent Holder

Victor Chang

• Chang, V. “Rotary vane type Internal Combustion engine with build-in scavenging and blower” US Patent # 4 572 121, Brief Description: A rotary motor that increases the exposure of CO to oxygen in order to low CO emissions.
• Chang, V., Moreno, N., Alvarez, C. “Sensor for the detection of oil leaks and oil quality in stuffing box of walking beam pump system”. US Patent # 5 245 860, Brief Description: the sensor detect when the stuffing box releases oil and send an alarm to the operator via remote supervision.
• Chang, V., Moreno, N. “System for monitoring oil well performance”. US Patent # 5 291 777. Brief Description: a set of two sensor that measure the dynagraphic chart of an oil well, allowing a computer the detection of failures via remote supervision.
• Chang, V. “Piezoresistive material: its preparation and use”. US Patent # 5 132 583, Brief Description: a composite material that can be applied over a mechanical piece and allows the measuring of deformation in several part of its geometry.
• Chang, V., Chang, O., Campo, M. “System for measuring flow” US patent # 5,483,840 , Brief Description: a mechanical sensor that allows measuring flow in non Newtonian fluids like emulsions.
• Garcia, F., Giallorenzo, M., Moreno, N., Alvarez, C., Chang, V. “Method and apparatus for determining the percentage wáter content of oil in wáter emulsion by specific admittance”. US Patent # 5 260 667,