Problem Solver

Victoria Johnson

Areas Victoria Johnson is Knowledgeable in:

Math, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Life Sciences, Pharmacology, Education, Research, Music, Geology, Technical Writing, Healthcare, Math, Physics

Techniques Victoria Johnson Uses:

I think on the problem, read early and up-to-date information regarding its history, approach, and solutions. I allow my mind to meditate on the problem as I go about the daily activities of my life. I relate the problem to simple tasks (simplify the problem) and problems in my daily life (nature, simple inventions, solutions, simple activities). I process thoughts of how, when, where, why, what for. I pray about the problem and ask for wisdom. I wait on an answer to come to my process of thinking.

Victoria Johnson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biological instrumentation
  2. molecular biology instrumentation
  3. analytical
  4. team building
  5. leadership
  6. instrumental(Oboe)
  7. organizational
  8. vocal music
  9. observational
  10. problem solving
  11. reading
  12. speaking
  13. analytical chemistry
  14. research
  15. teaching
  16. proposal writing
  17. surgical (research)
  18. writing
  19. creativity
  20. customer relations
  21. people
  22. communication
  23. Biologist
  24. Science Collaborative Teachers

Victoria Johnson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I brought increased funding to the classroom in the Dallas ISD teacher classroom. I completed a survey with a summary titled, "Pennies to the Classroom."
    I found a micro-organism in our research laboratory cell culture, that a co-worker left behind. We decontaminated our research lab. I work in cellular biology using Slime Molds
    I wrote proposals that earned notoritey and research presentations.