Problem Solver

Vijay Krishnavanshi

Vijay Krishnavanshi

Areas Vijay Krishnavanshi is Knowledgeable in:

Machine Learning, Algorithms and Data Structures

Techniques Vijay Krishnavanshi Uses:

Regression, Clustering and Classification

Vijay Krishnavanshi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Statistical Modelling

Vijay Krishnavanshi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Amazon: Predict Review Helpfulness
    Predict how helpful review will be? Used ensemble method to increase the accuracy of the prediction. It had following models - Linear Regression and Support Vector Machine Regression.
  2. I built Machine Learning Visualisation Application
    Visualize the following machine learning algorithms -
    - Logistic Regression
    - Multivariate Regression using QR factorization
    - Multivariate Regression using Stochastic Gradient Descent
    - K - Means Clustering
    - Polynomial Regression