Problem Solver

Vijaya Vittala C.B.

Vijaya Vittala C.B.

Areas Vijaya Vittala C.B. is Knowledgeable in:

development of low cost affordable technologies in agri sector for improving food production in india.

Techniques Vijaya Vittala C.B. Uses:

By experimentation and intuition.

Vijaya Vittala C.B.'s Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional inventor. research development of agri processing machines, food processing development, automation of the equipme

Vijaya Vittala C.B.'s Problem Solving Experience:

  1. developed patented candle burning process for a client using traditional knoledge
  2. I have developed energy efficient biomass stove providing reduced smoke. produced and marketed
  3. New process and equipment for arecanut peeling and processing has been developed and release to market
  4. New semi automatic Vacuum seeding technique by using local materials for portray seeding is developed and released to market.
  5. developed patented air cooling technique and equipment using vortex principle