Problem Solver

Vivex Engineering

Vivex Engineering

Areas Vivex Engineering is Knowledgeable in:

In the many years I have held positions as a designer and researcher in several Italian
companies in the fields of:
- Heating
- Air conditioning
- Steam-powered equipment
- Equipment for the systems
- Plant fire
- Sewage treatment plants Wastewater
- Dedusting systems fumes
- Cold Plasma technology for air depollution.
- Cold Plasma technology for green chemistry

Techniques Vivex Engineering Uses:

- Engineering of waste water treatments, civil and industrial.
- Engineering of exaust air treatments, civil and industrial.
- Process specialist for water treatments, air treatments, gas & oil treatments
- Plants of heating and civil and industrial conditioning.
- Plants of treatment waters, purification unloads civil and industrial, demolition
smoke of it and dusts with filters and dampness scrubber.
- Biogas Plants and biomass.
- Engineering of dust remove plants to dry or damp.
- Engineering of dust filtering for industry and tunnelling.
- Engineering of cyclone and hidrocyclon
- Engineering of hidrodinamic separation
- Engineering of ballistic separation
- Engineering process with Cold Plasma
- Engineering biogas desulphuration and treatments.
- Automation with PLC and /or managed by computer.
- White Chambers.
- Sterile Chambers.

Vivex Engineering's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Vibrating table for industrial fuses production
    - Fog chamber for tests of electric insulator
    - Fog chamber for tests of aging electric components
    - Silicone fat dosing system
    - Hand of taking component orthodontic with robot
    - Galvanic plant for electric polish
    - Shears machine for moulded components
    - Robots of taking and shears of moulding press
    - Welder to capacitive discharge
  2. Tapiroulants submerse in water
    - Oleodinamic horizontal press
    - Machine for the expansion of electrical silicon joints
    - Plant for the improvement microclimate of the inside air to the department
    lamination of a paper mill, with particular respectto the reduction of the
    phenomenon of condensation.
    - Cut machine for silicon rubber pipe.
  3. Plant of biological purification with cylindrical tub and spiral decanter
    circumpherential, in only form prefabricated in Beton or GRP
    - Anaerobic reactor for biogas plant of m
    500 , realized with prefabricated
    panels in GRP thermally insulated and assembled inthe yard.
    - Machine for the concentration of the waters of vegetation with adiabatic
    - Plant for the reconversion of the urban solid refusals
    - Dynamic swimming pool for training run horses
  4. Plant treatment exhausted air in combined form scrubber + biofilter
    - Machine for the improvement microclimate of the inside air to the
    department reception of an factory of treatment of the RSU, with new
    system combined cold plasma + scrubber.
    - Fix Cold Plasma Generator for depollution machine.
    - Module Cold Plasma Generator.
    - Machine for urban air depollution.
    - Nitric Acid production plant using Cold Plasma technology.
    - Sulphuric Acid production plant using Cold Plasma technology.
    - Water ozonator system for precipitation of heavy metals.
    - Water ozonator system for drinking plant.
    - Water ozonator for home.
    - Handset sterilizer with Cold Plasma technology
    - Pyrolysis plant low emission