Problem Solver

Vladimir Samara star Proven Solver

Areas Vladimir Samara is Knowledgeable in:

Plasma physics, data acquisition, automation, AI

Techniques Vladimir Samara Uses:

Very often not traditional and out of box thinking, but with strong scientific and engineering approach with good technical knowledge of electronics, programming, vacuum and plasma techniques.

Vladimir Samara's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. vacuum technology
  2. laser
  3. ellipsometry
  4. thin film analyzes
  5. Labview
  6. Matlab
  7. physics
  8. scientific programming
  9. data acquisition
  10. Plasma physics
  11. microwave
  12. android
  13. java

Vladimir Samara's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Design of an improvement to a planar Langmuir probe for measuring the ion flux and deposited film characterization during plasma etching (patent pending US 2012/0283973 A1)

    - Method and apparatus for real-time monitoring of plasma etch uniformity by OES interference (patent pending EP14199680.1)

    - Design of a new technique for the electron density measurements using a modified hairpin probe

    - Two winning Innocentive solutions: High speed tree injections and a system for detection of GPS jammer devices

    - Various Labview and Matlab programs for data acquisition and analyzes

    - Several Android Apps