Problem Solver

Wannenburg Janse van Rensburg

Areas Wannenburg Janse van Rensburg is Knowledgeable in:

Computing, Arduino, Raspberry pi, electronics, programming, development, and chemical processes, mathematic, physics.

Techniques Wannenburg Janse van Rensburg Uses:

I write a workflow.
Manage the task at hand.
Work well alone, or with a team (ensuring there is communication).
Design and build multiple solutions, then test it and conclude the best course of action.

Wannenburg Janse van Rensburg's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Innovative
  2. Creative
  3. Programmer (especially in microprocessing)
  4. Studying to be an engineer (Studying to solve problems)
  5. Fast learner (For tasks I have not done before)
  6. Great Essay skills
  7. Reviewing and testing (I have done many reviews and am climbing the reviewer rank)
  8. Friendly and helpful :)

Wannenburg Janse van Rensburg's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed many Arduino based programmes such as; a serial interface to activate lights and locking mechanisms.
  2. I have studied chemistry, physics, and mathematics; and dabbled with many scenarios which could help me solve other problems.
  3. I built a reviewing strategy for testing and reviewing products; so far it has been very successful.
  4. I am inventing products for small companies (products are not to be disclosed as competition is strong)