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Waseem Abbasi

Waseem Abbasi • Asexual and sexual Propagation of Horticultural Plants,
• Gardening and New Innovations.
• Insect Pest and disease management of citrus.
• Establishment of orchards and Gardens.
• Import and export of different fruits.
• Lawn and garden management.
• Free citrus nursery rising technique.
• Land scape and floriculture management
• Development of modern post harvest LAB.
• Physiology and biochemistry aspect of fruit.
• Genetic biodiversity of fruit.
• Irrational effects in different fruit crops
• Modern packing material development.
• Studies on post harvest management of fruits and vegetables.
• Survey of agro industries, to evaluate the technological status and associated problems.
• Development of technology for packaging and storage for reduction in post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables.
• Development of technology for value added products from fruits, vegetables and food grains.
• Physiology of fruit ripening
• Ethylene management during ripening and storage of horticultural crops
• Regulation of fruit colour and aroma
• Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of fruits
• Modified atmosphere packaging of fruits
• Production Technology of fruit crop
• Chemical control of suckers in olives
• Mechanism of Fruit let Abscission and Fruit Ripening of Mango- with a Particular Reference to Polyamines.
• Regulation of Fruit colour development in apple.
• Genetic transformation of fruit and other horticultural crops
• Postharvest Physiology of horticultural produce
• Physiological and biochemical changes during ripening and extended storage of banana.

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