Problem Solver

Wayne Snyder

Wayne Snyder

Areas Wayne Snyder is Knowledgeable in:

Solar and wind power.
Devices to help the hard of hearing.
Robotics, drones, many others!

Techniques Wayne Snyder Uses:

I don't limit my thinking based on assumptions or pre-conceived ideas.
I break the problem down to specific requirements, constraints and resources and based on these test multiple solutions to find the most effective use of resources to solve the problem.

Wayne Snyder's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Solar energy engineering
  2. Residential electrician
  3. Residential construction
  4. Patent research
  5. Industrial electronics
  6. Automobile mechanic
  7. Wind power engineering
  8. Deaf association
  9. Mechanical engineering
  10. Electronic engineering

Wayne Snyder's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I’ve simplified a lead acid battery rejuvenator to a few components that are easily acquired.
  2. I calculated rates of mutation for the Ape – Man evolutionary changes. This is based on the time line from a common ancestor, the number of nucleotides in the DNA and experiments in mutation breeding. I also extrapolated this rate to the current human population.
  3. I have solved the problem involved in making a practical hydraulic engine. It stores energy in hydraulic pressure rather than inertia of a spinning crankshaft. This means the engine only needs to run when more power is required.
  4. I am the sole inventor of an alert device for the hard of hearing. It detects audio that they should be alerted to such as car horns and fire alarms and notifies them with vibrations and light. US patent 8,461,986
  5. I am a joint inventor of a system for enabling secure remote switching, robotic operation & monitoring of multi-vendor equipment. Patent application number 20040093516.
  6. I invented a solution that provided access to the internet to locations with only digital video network access. US Patent 7,697,566
  7. I’ve solved the problems to making a thermal-mechanical solar tracker. No electronic sensors, controllers or motors are required.
  8. I solved the complexity of solar tracking sensors. I’ve invented a simple solar tracking sensor that has a 180 degree acquisition angle and only requires 2 light sensors.
  9. I've invented both a solar oven and a solar water boiler for use in 3rd world countries.
  10. I identified the problem that prevented FAXing between IP phone services and circuit switched phone services. Then I invented a patented solution that involved recovering a Stratum 3 clock in a simple PLD. US patent 6,671,817