Problem Solver

Wenzel Heldens

don-t try harder, or believe waht not have worked yet, be open for new perspectives, co-creating with customer, cross-sector: ask non-specialist and non-experts and non-customers to think. find (natural) loatnetrs, find natural share of interst on issues, do not fool around in doing all yourself, do not feel anger to share:

Areas Wenzel Heldens is Knowledgeable in:

linking between different tehnologies/ sectors; marketing/sales/distribution/internet; inventing new business models; finding new segments/application, repositioning, ;creative problem solving, creative conflict win-win solving; finetuning of product/service characteristcs/parametsr (securuty, hufter proof, sex appeal, design)

Techniques Wenzel Heldens Uses:

SHAVV, TRIZ, BPS, mind mapping, out-of-box thinking, De Bon 6 Hats, several COCD-techniques

Wenzel Heldens's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. associative, linking, imagination what if / why not, professional brainstorm inventor

Wenzel Heldens's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 20 years experience in consyultative selling applications, software and network service and mobile data solutions, in a variety of sectors B2B and machine2machine; 10 years innovation and busiess development; and since 2005 also: professional business coach for entrepreneurs; since 2005 also mediator