Problem Solver

William Haskins

William Haskins

Areas William Haskins is Knowledgeable in:

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William Haskins's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technical Writing - Include Writing of Technical Manuals, Specifications, Design Reports, Technical Descriptions
  2. Mathematics - Calculus (incl 3 dimensional), Differential Equations, Linear Algebra
  3. Electrical Engineering - Digital, Analog Design, Analysis, Troubleshooting, RF Design

William Haskins's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I performed many extensive tolerance analyses of circuits and higher assemblies which demonstrated compliance (or non-compliance) with system requirements.
  2. I performed electromagnetic compatibility and electrostatic discharge system analysis and testing.
  3. I created numerous design reports which provided detailed descriptions of circuit performance, explained the design approach and rationale, and demonstrated compliance with test requirements and system design requirements.
  4. I performed multiple analog and digital electrical circuit designs. These efforts included developing a design based on system requirements, creating test specifications, performing engineering circuit test and troubleshooting. I also performed troubleshooting and fault diagnosis at the manufacturing facility.
  5. I worked on two teams to respond to a customer RFP (Request for Proposal), doing extensive technical writing.