Wyyuru Amarnath

I am a recipient of an award at the national level for INNOVATIONS conducted by the FEDERATIONS OF INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRIES jointly with LOCKHEED MARTIN (US). The award was for my innovations in renewable energy GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM SEA WAVES.
I have innovated a low cost front suspension for bicycles and a UNISEX bicycle frame.
I have innovated an exhaust fans working on alternate energy.
I have innovated a series of games for school children to learn subjects ( in a play way method) such as Language, Arithmetic, Physics, Chemistry and other memory games.
I have developed a collapsible ladder and a low cost water purifier using solar energy.
I have innovated a game of skill that can be played either by two, three,four, five or six players. The game can be played either as individual players or as partners.