Problem Solver

Yoram Ariel

Yoram Ariel

Areas Yoram Ariel is Knowledgeable in:

Personal computers, music systems, video systems, MIDI, audio and video networks, home entertainment, online entertainment, cable and satellite networks.

Techniques Yoram Ariel Uses:

Design and system creation using off the shelve hardware and software, and at low cost. Internet and person to person research.

Yoram Ariel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Video Compression and Processing
  2. Cable and Satellite Video Networks
  3. Satellite TV Home Systems
  4. Computer Systems Engineering
  5. Cloud Systems
  6. Digital Audio Workstations
  7. Video Editing Systems

Yoram Ariel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a video network that is based around muti satellite reception antennas and a home receiver that can process and display custom programs derived from thousands of available TV channels.
  2. I designed and assembled a working internet broadcast system that interfaces a number of smart phones and allows them in order to broadcast live to the internet based on client interest and voting.
  3. I designed and assembled a working proof of concept system allowing for Internet broadcast DJs to operate and control a central system by remote from home. All using off the shelve hardware and software with some custom code.