Problem Solver

Youness Hasnai

Areas Youness Hasnai is Knowledgeable in:

Installation And administration Servers
Management Network With Cyber Security Strategy
Management Record Call System
Management CCTV (Control Camera System)
Management System Access Control
Management E-mail Host
Basis SAP System
Coordination with the Internet and phone service providers
Negotiation and monitoring with subcontractors
Software solutions
System meteo for energy
Installation Fiber Optic & Fusion Splicing
System megaphone
Installation and management Synology Server
Installation RJ45 cable Ethernet
Management Helpdesk
Repair Computer and Network hardware
Buying and selling computer Devices
Installation Firewall and Create Private VPN
Installation Managed switches.
Management walkie-talkie system.Installation video conference system.
Installation access points wireless system.
System telephone emergency.
System control computers.
Installations printers and scanner network.

Techniques Youness Hasnai Uses:

1. notify me by phone or email or help desk.
2.if problem software or system i use team viewer or anydesk to solve problem .
if hardware problem, i go to problem place and check the problem.
3.prepare tools and solve problem

Youness Hasnai's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. IT Engineer Network and system

Youness Hasnai's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem:
    i had problem internet is cut several time is not stable , we have orange provider with livebox router conneted with one firewall paloalto and firewall connected with switch cisco managed , the switch connecting with small convertor RJ45 to optical fiber , that convertor connecting with other convertor in 3 KM distance , the last convertor coneting with other cisco switch manager , and give internet to computers and server , but the problem the internet is cut several time,.
    solution :
    we contact with orange for ensure the internet from provider is ok , the answer is ok no problem from orange side , we check the configuration cisco router , and paloalto firewall ,
    all configuration is ok.
    we find the problem in convertor RJ45 to fiber , we should use convertor with 9V or 12V , because we used convertor with 5v, the voltage 5V is not enough to connect cisco switch to long distance .