Problem Solver

Zakaria Ovizadeh

Areas Zakaria Ovizadeh is Knowledgeable in:

Chemistry and physics
I have studies on number theory, game theory and blockchain.

Techniques Zakaria Ovizadeh Uses:

Mostly app

Zakaria Ovizadeh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Chemistry, physics

Zakaria Ovizadeh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. People order food in restaurents, burgerkings, macdonalds, etc. but there are some extra food and hungry people are around.
    I solved the problem by an app as people can either give extra food or order extra for others
  2. Sometimes students, travellers, passengers, etc. have extra time from ten minutes to half a day while they are in college, street, seaside, etc. and some other people need help in different situations like openning bank account, pet keeping in park or even a restaurent gets crowded for few hours and need delivery person temprorely! I connect them by an app!