Problem Solver

Zeyad Ahmed

Zeyad Ahmed

Areas Zeyad Ahmed is Knowledgeable in:

Faculty Of Computer Science Ain Shams University

Techniques Zeyad Ahmed Uses:

C++,C#, Irvine32 Assembly

Zeyad Ahmed's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I Developed A Task Manager System To organize The Tasks Of The User
    -I Developed A Library System Program as a college project
    -I Participated in Developing A Program That Calculates The Minimum cost for moving between 2 nodes from plenty of nodes
    - I Solved Assembly Problems from Kip R Irvine Assembly Language for x86 Processors 6th Edition Book
    -I participated in a team for creating a text file editor
    -I Participated in Creatin An Airline System as a college Project
    -I know how to use Data Structures and OOP Concepts
    -I'm Learning how to draw and design Class Diagrams and UMLs
    -I'm Partcipating in creating an auto-complete-searching project for college