Problem Solver

Zipporah Ndung'u

Areas Zipporah Ndung'u is Knowledgeable in:

finance, research, risk management, marketing

Techniques Zipporah Ndung'u Uses:

- Research, brainstorming, hypothesis testing, lateral thinking, comparative analysis, inference and observation.

Zipporah Ndung'u's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Microsoft office suite ( Word, Excel, Access, Outlook,Publishing, PowerPoint et cetera)
  2. Organization skills and management
  3. Data analysis SPSS and Microsoft Excel
  4. Data collection tool development

Zipporah Ndung'u's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have developed and implemented a re-branding strategy for a marketing firm
  2. - I have evaluated accessibility and impact of funds devolved for the youth
  3. - I have developed a concise marketing strategy for solar products across several counties
  4. - I have developed bank products specifically credit programs that are youth friendly yet easily accessible and affordable.
  5. - I have written reports, proposals and concept notes for students and companies