Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow

A unique cut-foam pillow designed to train people not to sleep in the front-down position because that sleep posture may eventually lead to serious neck, shoulder and/or back pain, plus many chiropractic treatments and the need to purchase expensive therapeutic pillows. Preventing the pain and related problems is the smart thing to do.

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Patented in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Italy and Germany (see info-only site for awards, article and pictures

Chiropractors recommend against sleeping in the front-down position because it often leads to neck, shoulder, and/or back pain in adults. Currently, children are using pillows that encourage rather than discourage tummy-sleeping. The Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow teaches children (not younger than 5 years) and adults not to sleep in the tummy-down position.

Since young bodies are very flexible, children donít feel the stresses associated with tummy-sleeping. And thatís the trap! Thatís how the bad habit begins! The older you get the harder it becomes to eliminate the front-down position from your sleep routine. By the time you realise that your pain is from tummy-sleeping, that behaviour has become very difficult to correct.

My product will help children avoid or break the habit of sleeping in the front-down position, thereby preventing the need for related chiropractic treatments and therapeutic pillows later in life. Remember: ďAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Ē

The Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow is a foam pillow with a unique shape and structure. It is comfortable while sleeping on your back or side, but awkward and uncomfortable when trying to sleep on your front. This feature reminds the child what his parent told him/her about proper sleep posture and he/she rejects the front-down position. You canít stay with your child all night, every night, waiting to correct his/her posture. But the pillow can! It stays with your child throughout the entire night to remind him/her to choose a proper sleep posture.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Incorrect sleep posture leads to painful problems later in life.

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Date posted: 2007-01-03

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