Couch Caddy

Best idea since the remote control. Small cushion supported tray to use while sitting in the center of a sofa, out of reach from an end table. It does not have to be moved each time you get up from your seat.

Full Description:
The Couch Caddy is a small acrylic table with a top that is 4"X10" but is hinged in the center so it can be folded for use when sitting in a chair or tight area. There is a 1/4" deep ring on the top to prohibit a glass or cup from sliding off the top. It also has a hinged base that is 4"X 6" that slips between the cushions of the sofa for support..either to your side or in the back of the sofa. It folds flat for easy storage. A very simple, but convenient idea that allows you to get up and down from your seated area without having to move a tv tray, yet it has enough support that it doesn't spill your drink each time you move or someone sits next to you. Once you use it, you cannot be without one. Unlike the built in cupholders on sofas, it can easily be removed for full access to lie down on the sofa.

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Invention #10072
Date posted: 2007-02-07

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