" Ambient Air Clothes Dryer "

My clothes dryer dries clothes without a heating element in about the same time as a heated one.

Full Description:
My invention the "AMBIENT AIR CLOTHES DRYER" works on the
principle of tumbling the clothes in a rotating drum that is open
to the air on both ends. The rear is an 18" wire mesh cover and a
fan attached to blow air through the tumbling clothes and out through an 18" wire mesh door in the front. All contained in a metal
housing for the looks of a regular dryer. This dryer would cost less
to make,and be far less dangerous ' because of no heating element installation. It would save money and energy by not using gas or high voltage electricty. It dries about as fast as a heated on because it circulates 19 times more air through the tumbling clothes than the 4" vent on the ones we have now. My dryer is also portable . with a handle and wheels ,so it can be moed to the best location for drying, such as , inside , out side , in front of a heat source, etc. This would also add a "THIRD LINE OF DRYERS" to the market for the first time in HISTORY !

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I made a working madel out of a gas dryer and have been using it for the last 1.5 yrs. My gas heated one only gets used about 5 to 10% of the time, that is a savings on the wear out time on that unit.

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Date posted: 2007-02-15

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