Worlds First Trailer Reversing and Manouvering Device

TargetLightâ„¢ is the brand for the new range of the safety positioning concept that allows you to manoeuver, reverse and recognise the size of your trailer with absolute peace of mind. This concept adapted to the approved standard lights offers peace of mind. A spot included to the;side-marker lamp of light clearly indicates where your trailer ends and shows boundaries and obstacles.

Full Description:
To Drive/ Tow a long vehicle especially with a trailer under diverse Light conditions is a hit or miss affair. The Driver really has no idea where the rear end of the Trailer/long vehicle is and especially reversing is for a inexperienced driver a nightmare. Also driving with a SUV/BUS etc. and towing a small trailer make the trailer often invisible.

The product called "Targetlight" has now successfully launched in South Africa beginning of 2007 and used on Trailers, Towing vehicles and Caravans. The first time ever anything has done to fill that need in the Trailer/Caravan market. There is no comparable product on the market anywhere in the world.

The Product is robust, small 9x3x3 cm and easily to install. All tooling is available, a trademark is registerd in South Africa. The Patent is granted in the US, in Germany and in South Africa. The Patent rights also secured for already other systems in use!!. There are 40 mill registered Light trailers in the US.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
TargetLightâ„¢ dramatically improves driving safety for parking, reversing, and manoeuvring in adverse light conditions. Not only for the user but also for the following traffic.

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Date posted: 2007-02-22

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