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The power of ebay is undeniable today, all people like things but there is one thing better than all: money. Why don't auction money?

Full Description:
Let us suppose you like a new cell phone and you like to spend for example 100 u$s, as a buyer you must use a lot of time researching all opotunities and then follow each one. All sellers in ebay like the same think in common: money. My idea consist in buyers becomes sellers of his fixed amount of money, in each auction a money seller describes what he wants (in this case the cell phone), the main features he like for the money offered and the buyers will "bid" this auction with his cell phones supplies, then the seller can choose the best one and the money is transfered. This scheme is in opposition to the habitual thing, first the demand is created and after it appears the supply. We all know that the demand is the hard problem of all business, if you can create a site that has solved the demand then you have a god mine..., supply can allway be solved, demand not.
There are several procedures that can be created for control the way of each auction finish, time, "sell it now" instead of "buy it now". People can have what they like without research bargains and loose auctions because other people bid a little more, this time they will get a win or win situation because is his cash money the center of the auction. Imagine a site that promotes: "we have ......... u$s ready for you!, do you have what we like?, yes?: take your money!"
You like a name for the site?:,
You are an ebay manager?, this idea will kill each other sites...

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all auction sites are my intersted clients

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Date posted: 2007-05-24

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