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New function for PC mouse

Full Description:
After hearing of a common complaint from online gamers that love to while away the hours with gaming sites on the web, I decided to accept a unique challenge and investigate if there was a method to make gaming online more fun with a different function of the PC mouse. It involved some changes in the mouses circuitry and I enlisted a friend with a very good electronic background to listen to the concept and he was intrigued and agreed that he had never thought of this before himself and had never seen this function in another product. After a purchase of a new 'donor' mouse and an assortment of small parts from a local electronic supply, it took only a couple of hours to fabricate a small circuit board and wire it into the new mouse that was partially disassembled. Next we disconnected my friends mouse on his computer and plugged the new mouse in and proceeded to go online into a popular gaming site and test it for the first time. Assuming that we had a long way to go, we didn't expect much from the test but the mouse performed perfectly on the first try. ( it almost never happens on the first attempt ) We were thrilled beyond description and acted like a couple of kids with a new toy. After testing the new mouse for hours, we were already talking about possible spin-off product possibilities and it appears that many new concepts are possible. Total cost of the entire project was less than fifteen dollars! I found no similiar concepts in a current products market search and a brief online patent, patent pending and provisional patents revieled no existing art or description of function that I could personally find. The idea appears to have very good patent potential. I am seeking an outright purchase agreement over a royalty one and expect no royalties or compensation from any other spin-off products that might develope from this original product proposal. I can't make it any better than that for interested manufacturers.

What is the target market ? Players of online gaming sites and home PC games. Senior citizens who while away the hours in gaming sites will certainly have fun with this new computer accessory . I am convinced that this new PC mouse will gain attention by 'word of mouth' advertising and exposure through ads linked to gaming sights.

The mouse still has a normal function for general use but we added a gaming function to its capabilities for fun and entertainment.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Adresses fatigue . Lets you play without constant sitting and monitoring of some non strategy games.

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Invention #10228
Date posted: 2007-06-15

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