Multi-Functional Speaker


Full Description:
First things first, this speaker is designed using minimum of possibilities and basic equipment and goods. Because of many reasons and limitations, I could not use a suitable laboratory, etc, but Iíve designed it and tested and got good results of it.
The SPEAKER Iím talking about has three coils instead of one, providing more than three virtual coils. What these virtual coils provide are more optionality and much more choices and capabilities in one single speaker. As you know, a single speaker with single coil has a fix ohms, output frequency and wattage. The most advantage of my speaker is giving a large range of functionality to all fix items I listed before. Supporting more than one fix range of frequency enables it to support the lowest possible frequency to highest. This means you get a mild, clear and strong output voice from both weak and powerful input frequencies in a continuous signal.

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Invention #10234
Date posted: 2007-06-25

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