Audio/Mp3 Media Player w/USB port(No More Cd's)

Tired of not being able to play certain cd's in your home or car stereos
Well it's about time to eliminate the cd drive from all audio players and replace it with a usb port which allows you to insert a mini-flash drive to upload any audio or mp3 files for seamless listening pleasures .

Full Description:
This idea consist of improving an existing product. This is for any audio/mp3 player(car stereos, Bookshelf stereos, Portable cd players, etc. This could be a new breakthrough technology for getting rid of the cd drive. An replacing the cd drive with a USB port on the front panel by the audio player's display screen. It can be referred as a new feature.
The file sizes can vary on the internal hard drive of the player. Starting at: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB or 2 GB of RAM or ROM. 1st when the media player is powered on, this display screen will show a greeting or customized greeting. 2nd it will then tell you to insert your flash drive.
3rd the player will read and load any wav.,wma,or mp3 files from the hard drive. Then intialize ready for play. It can be 2 types of media players w/RAM or ROM drives. ROM drive media player: once flash drive is removed all files that was uploaded will be deleted. RAM drive media player: audio files will remain loaded unless deleted manually.

*NOTE* these same functions apply to all other media players.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Eliminating the compact disc drive, solving the problem for dealing with scratched up cds and being able to enjoy listening to your favorite songs without having to skip them cause of the cd being scratch or cd drive is unable to read it or failed loading it.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Any audio/media player manufacturer

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Date posted: 2007-07-01

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