ABS Plastic Blower

this innovation is in field of for manufacuerof Air Handling units and Blower manufactuer

Full Description:
our innovation is for Air Handling manufactuers and blowers manufactuer this technology is solving the problem of metal and plastic blowers .it has unic fatuer were it has all advantages of matal and plastic blowers.by minimum investment you can have wide range of blower.material used in this technology is recycleable material .
market demand : aprox 50 billion $ market. and margin of 70% profit.
Ext. 10.5/8 x 10.5/8 blower market cost is 65$ and minimum usages of this blower is 10,000 blowers in india only.landing cost of this blower is 8 to 9$ only along with overhesd cost .
this 10.5/8 x 10.5/8 blower is only avaiable in metal only but this techonlogy can have bigger dia then this which cna run higher RPM. to alluminium blower of this size can run up to 1440 RPM to 1850 but our plastic blower of same size is tasted up 5000 RPM.
This technology has recived NIF presidintial award on 5th january 2005 , confirmaed by Honorable president of india Dr. A.P.J.Abdulkalam .
tis is our one innovation and working satisfactory in indian market from last 5yaears .

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
my innovation is in address to Air Handling system

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
all HVAC supplier ,or blowers manufactuer.

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Date posted: 2007-07-19

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