Information Sorting Method

Why bother with random feedback from the general public when you could have a system that gives direct results to move forward with key consumer information to drive your business decisions.

Full Description:
This system relies mostly on an optimized user feedback model that will weed out insignificant or redundant data. You simply structure your feed back feature of your website to accept data that can be monitored by a statistical system that is adapted to your business.
ex: How to get the top ten favorite pop songs. The statistics required are; 1) the relevant favorite music genre; 2) the date; 3) the number of songs in the database; 4) the accuracy of the reviewer(more accuracy, more influence on the results); 5) the average rating of the song; 6) historical artist popularity; 7) the lenght of time on record in the system etc. Instead of just asking for general feedback in a basic online form, structure your feedback form in such a way that it can attain statistics as in the proceeding example.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It is a method to sift through massive amounts of information and get the relevant data you need from thousands of networks.

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Custom creative consulting by internet for a negotiated fee.

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Date posted: 2007-07-22

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