Door Kick

An idea that make ease of heavy door opening due to age, physical abilities, stature

Full Description:
In todays age of disease transmissions I had an idea while using a restroom in a diner. You use the restroom, auto flush, auto wash, some even auto dry. Thats great. but then you have to open the door. Thats not a problem if everyone washes. Im a neat freak so I tend to notice thats not the case with everyone. In addition to the sanitary issue it would also assist the elderly and physically disabled. My idea is to have a close to floor mounted unit wired or wireless that would open the door by electronic means. The mount would be tapped with your foot to engage. This would solve sanitary issues as well as mentioned above with those physically unable to open the door by strength.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Handicap issues, Health,safety, and sanitation, elderly assistance

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Invention #10349
Date posted: 2007-10-21

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