biometric cheque reader

the machine scans fingerprint and correlates with already saved fingerprint on customer mandate. if there is conformity it grants access to the account file if not it denies thus indicating fingerprint is not from account holder.

Full Description:
the idea is based on the fact that not 2 fingerprints are the same(even identical twins might have the same DNA sequence but not identical fingerprints)
The machine is more of a biometric scanner,however in this case it will scan from a paper (the cheque).the cheque will come with a fingerprint spot(not ink to be used,a polymerised substance covered by a thin layer can be used,so that customers peel it and put their thumb print and it dries up quickly holding the imprint.
As already the copy of the thumb print is saved on the computer when the account holder was opening the account,on presentation the receiving officer slots the cheque where the reader scans it to ascertain conformity.if there is,the account file is opened,however if there is no correlation between the fingerprints access is denied.
this idea goes abit further to check the issues of spoofing,as the gadget will be made to recognise the sweat patterns on prints.
this idea will definitely change the face of banking forever and will no doubt check the problems of cheque fraud

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
this invention checks the problem of cheque fraud, a problem which is still preponderant(and on the rise) in the banking sector through out the world.

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Date posted: 2007-11-07

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