Save the music industry and artists from illegal downloading

The idea is to make it worth something for consumers to buy records rather than download them.

Full Description:
This idea works by having a website which sells band merchandise, gig tickets and other music related products which bands/record companies wish to sell.

These items are associated with the respective band and when someone buys a record they can then go to this website, enter a serial number which would be included in the item they have bought, and then may recieve discounts or exclusive items from the associated band.

The serial numbers would be included into a database so that when one is used it can be verified and then cannot be used again.

When a new album/track is released items can also be individually assigned to that album so that only long term fans can purchase the items being sold with that album.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The massive increase in illegal music downloading on the internet costing record companies and artists hundreds of thousands each year.

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Invention #10413
Date posted: 2007-11-20

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