ipod wireless

My idea is the ipod wireless. No more being confined to basic earphones, move around free without the worry of your earphones comming unpluged or tangled. Listen to your ipod from up to three to four yrds. away crystal clear.

Full Description:
The ipod wireless is very simple.Likewise to wireless headset for phones the ipod wireless is alike it uses the very same format, it defers because this product alows you to hear music nothing else no interference from the radio, static or any other complications. the ipod wireless uses a simple small tuner thats plugged in the earphone plug of the ipod that sends a signal to the wireless earphone, the wireless earphone contains a slot where a charger may be placed. When the wireless earphone is charged and the ipod tuner is plugged in the ipod the sound of your music from the ipod is crystal clear.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
My idea addresses the fustration of tangled earphone cords and confinement of being free to move around in sound.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
ipod,ebay,google,yahoo and who ever else are interested in similar ideas.

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Date posted: 2007-11-22

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