The design of the Spare Tire Cradle does away with the existing spare tire holders. It gives a new meaning of the phrase "user friendly". No more crawling under the vehicle to extricate the spare tire. No more tools for bolting and unbolting the spare tire from the holder. With this design, all one has to do is unlock the arms or remove the straps of the cradle. The tire will stay in the cradle until it is removed. This design is outstanding because it eliminates strain on ones back and arms and decreases time involved in changing a tire.

Full Description:
The innovative design of the SPARE TIRE CRADLE, with locking arms, will revolutionize the spare tire holder industry. The Patent Pending design is applicable for single and duel axle vehicles. The simple design facilitates economical and time saving production. It can be mounted on SUV's, off road vehicles, trucks, horse and livestock trailers, RV's and travel trailers.

The logical placement of the Cradle allows easy access to the spare tire for men, women and teenagers. No more crawling under or straining with bolts to remove a spare tire. The locking arms across the tire prevent the tire from being stolen. Behind the tire is the removable drive on ramp for duel axle vehicles. For single axle vehicles, the drive on ramp can be utilized as a toolbox, which holds the jack with room for other tools.

Ongoing research has shown a distinct interest and demand for this product. The Cradle can be manufactured in stainless steel or aircraft aluminum. The toolbox/ramp can be manufactured from the same material or synthetic polymer – such as “Rubbermaid”.

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Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Practical placement and design of spare tire holder.

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Date posted: 2007-11-28

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