Liquid Brush

A hair brush that allows water or hair color to be distributed on the hair via Manual pumping by squeezing your hand and triggers liquid to be dispersed through small holes were brush is applied to the head.

Full Description:
A hair brush that you can pump with your hand, water,Hair Coloring,Flea Repellent {For Pet use} Threw the handle of a hair brush on to Brussels or brush head without letting go of brush handle, except to refill or change cartridge for hair color. Would have very easy cleaning access.And cartridges you can buy for hair coloring,Styling, And would also be a pet version for your pets.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Address the problem instead of brushing or styling hair the old way is to either wet hands and drip water everywhere or putting your head under water. With the Liquid Brush it's More manageable faster time and less mess for styling hair or coloring.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Do not have any money to invest,Looking to either sell idea or get Investers to help.I know this idea or invension will appeal to the masses.

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Invention #10457
Date posted: 2007-12-05

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