Saucepan with an aluminum cover attached to its outside down surface to preheat foods.

A Saucepan that contains under its outside down surface a cover made from aluminum which role is to preheat the food inside the saucepan , the cover has the shape of the outside down surface of the saucepan with means it can be rectangular, circle or any other form , and when we switched on the electricity of the cover it will have the capacity to diffuse heat towards the molecules of the food inside the saucepan , and hence the food will be preheated.

Full Description:
A saucepan which has a small cover manufactured from aluminum .This cover is outside the saucepan, it is attached to its down external surface,it contains a circle on which there it is written the different temperature's degrees from o degree to 20 degree, the cover is able to produce and diffuse heat to the inside of the saucepan when it is turned on, it works through batteries to produce electricity , we determine the temperature's degree that we want to preheat the food under it through turning the arrow towards the desired temperature ,the cover has two buttons ON/OFF,the cover whelms all the outside surface of the saucepan, and the cover's thickness is approximately 2 cm.When the electricity of the cover is On, within few minutes the food will be preheated.This cover takes the role of the microwave.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This idea addresses the problem that many people suffer from because they can't afford buying a microwave, so they are obliged to preheat the food on the gaz and wait sometimes many moments until the food is preheated. This saucepan will solve the problem because a preheated cover is attached under the outside down surface of the saucepan to allow the food to be preheated within few minutes without being obliged to put the food in the microwave or on the gaz, and hence they don't need to have microwave in their home specially if they can't afford paying for a micowave.

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Date posted: 2007-12-13

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