fold up car seat

seat for children around the ages of 2-6 that allows for better transportation by folding.

Full Description:
this car seat would fold and be held on the sholder making it easyer for the singal parent to transport along with the child, when traviling in cabs or even buses, it wont take up space in the shopping cart and it will still be safe for your child to rid in. it has a strap so it can be held on the sholder much like a purse. maney singal parents who dont have a car are forced to carrie a big bulky car seat along with them and their child resulting in back problems and other misshaps.
As a singal mom who does travil by cab, I know this would be a tramendous help. and I also know maney other singal parents who feel the same way.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
singal parents who travel by cab and have to carrie their car seat along with their chil and what ever else they may have to have.

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Invention #10578
Date posted: 2008-01-26

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