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Putting more seating space for passengers in the back seats of compact and medium sized cars.

Full Description:
With compact and medium sized cars we often have a problem of not having enough seating space in the back seat. We could improve that by installing a system that would be able to put back seat in the forward and reverse motion. You could make the seat to be separated in two parts so 2 people could have an individual controls or we could make it to be in one piece, or to offer options. 5-15 inches of usable space would be more than enough to give appropriate seating space for each individual. This could be also a great selling factor for compact cars.Even though we have high gas prices right now, people still don't want to buy compact cars because of the seating space problem.
American people like big and spacious cars. That also makes us think about people who can't afford big and spacious cars. That puts them in the category of customers who can afford compact cars. And that will put this idea in a good use for that category of customers. This is just a simple description of my idea, and I think it is very simple. The system that is used for the front seat should be the same for the back seat, just differently applied to it. The car industry is not doing good lately and they could use some fresh ideas.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Seating space in the back of compact and medium sized cars.

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Invention #10580
Date posted: 2008-01-27

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