The system capable CONSIDERABLY TO IMPROVE COMFORT of PASSENGERS and the driver

The system
of PASSENGERS and the driver

Full Description:
my name is Andrey

I live in Russia, in Moscow

I have invented new system for cars
Has defined that is necessary today for the market
Has found the decision how to satisfy need of the market
It is need of people on the basis of which it is possible to make business
To eliminate that irritates people in the car
To eliminate it it is possible by means of the adaptation - my idea

Distinction between
The car with the conditioner - The car without the conditioner Effect from my system equivalent

Till this moment still nobody has invented the automobile conditioner and people in years heat test inconveniences from a heat………
And company BMW of the first begins release of cars with the conditioner!!!!
The patent for the invention will belong to your company!
You have imagined?!
My invention is equivalent to it
The purpose of the invention to improve comfort of people in cars
In a modern life it is necessary all time
In not far future on presentation or an exhibition of digging BMW the new car with unknown new system which till this moment will show did not establish on one car in the World! It will make furor in the automobile market and the big attention will draw to the company. It is possible to consider it as advertising of the company which will involve more clients and as consequence greater profit. Think of it.

Think still that your autocompany of the first can begin release of cars with new system and always go ahead of the competitors (at the competent approach to this question). This system completely will change earlier existed representation about use of cars. The FUTURE of motor industry will be already impossible without this system, also as it is impossible to present now cars without the conditioner. When changes come, you either accept them, or remain with what

As a result, to All World motor-car manufacturers, will have to put this system on the cars - they will want it or not. Who will benefit from this…………………. Think.
Someone will begin irreversible process, process of creation of more healthy, better, cleverer future. It will be revolution in understanding of existence of the MODERN PERSON and back in the past of road any more there will be no in "Stone Age" already will return nobody.

Scale of this project billions dollars!

When I told to the friends and friends about mine, and can be yours in the future idea, I from all got support, and all agreed what in a modern life we constantly face a problem of shortage……..

My friends and friends speak all, that, undoubtedly, would use this system and always offered the ideas which I wrote down.

I Trust, that people will want to have more health, will want to have more than Positive Emotions, that they wish to improve quality of the Life and to improve quality of a life Native and Close, simply surrounding to help them with it,
I can or in the future your system

Scope of system very much greater (to apply it it is possible not only in cars). (!!!)

Your company can incur mission on creation of the goods, service useful to mankind
To serve a society
It will be true service
Many businessmen can be convinced on own example, that the business put for the blessing of community, never will wither, and will prosper.
I also offer such business to you

In detail share about the idea I can at personal meeting

The contact information:


Phone: (903) 143 – 49 – 75

Thanks you

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The system
of PASSENGERS and the driver

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
The system
of PASSENGERS and the driver

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #10588
Date posted: 2008-01-29

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