I want to use some kind of THIN NEON lights create a nice and cool watch. Especaily for kids. If they turn on or flash or just stay on, on a battery that can hold as long as 3-4 years. That way battery doesn't become a problem.

Full Description:
A watch that used Neon or some other kind of lights. Watches these days looks just boring, and same old watches. We want something cool and flashy for the future. Especailly for kids. Thin neon light is always on, or flashes or something like that. The BAND/BRACELT/OR STRAP part of the watch should be in some kind of light,flashy,cool looking,and in all sorts of colors. A watch that has rainbow colors and that turns on and off, or just stays on the whole time will look awesome. However, we don't want to change the battery every so often, so we need a battery that will stay as long as possible.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Watch and watches...there aren't any new ones coming out, there are the same old ones, and they aren't any cool.

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Invention #10594
Date posted: 2008-02-02

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