No more cell phone chargers

Infinitely Charged is the only product of its kind
uniquely designed with a direct plug-in within
the cell phone itself and eliminates the need for
a separate cell phone charger.

Full Description:
Infinitely Charged provides an easier way to charge cell
phones because its equipped with an electrical plug-in
(120v AC power) directly located in the back portion of
cellular phones.
The Infinitely Charged is designed to flip the plug prong up to
store when not in use and flip down when charging is
This allows the user to plug cell phones directly into electrical
outlets without the need of separate cell phone charge.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Forgetting cell phone chargers at home while on vacation, or forgetting it in a hotel room while on vacation, or simply losing your cell phone charger. Now just fold out the built in charger and plug it directly into a 120 volt outlet.

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Invention #10601
Date posted: 2008-02-06

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