Find-line Bookmark

The Find-line bookmark has a slide bar attached so the reader can mark exactly which line they want to stop on. This prevents the problems mentioned above, and keeps the reader interested in the plot of the story.

Full Description:
My invention is an adaptation of the standard/common bookmark to mark a page in a novel. It will have the appearance of a standard bookmark, but with added extras. The bookmark itself has tiny holes running vertically down the center of the it. A slide bar is horizontally attached to the bookmark, and can be mavouvered up and down with ease. Attached to the slide bar is a little rubber plug that is flat. This rubber plug fastens the slide bar in place by being lodged in the tiny holes whenever the reader wishes to cease reading. On the rear of the bookmark is a flat plastic clip to fasten the bookmark to the page. This is so the bookmark cannot move out of position, and the flat clip prevents damage to the book and its pages. It is a simple idea which is easy and cheap to make. It will appeal to any lover of reading and is an adaptation to something that everybody owns.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Sore eyes, headaches and migraines, double reading a page, forceful reading

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Date posted: 2008-02-15

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