Universal fuel-economizing engine

Universal fuel-economizing engine for the transport; generation of the electric power and for a general mechanical engineering

Full Description:
The concept of this Engine has been received by a method of the analysis and complete removal of all important defects of existing traditional engines, which (defects) increase the charge of fuel of traditional engines and reduce term of their functioning.

Advantages of the system:
· Minimum expenditure of a fuel for working => maximal profitability of the engine
· Hi reliability
· There is no more any soot in cylinders
· There is no more heat damage of moving details
· Noiseless
· Complete combustion of fuel => maximum pure exhaust
· Any fuel eating system - can use not only gas fuel but also liquid & rigid fuel with the minimal constructive additions.
· At use of some types of fuel (for example ethanol) the system of ignition is not necessary

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
economy of fuel in transport and in generation of the electric power

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Invention #10630
Date posted: 2008-02-17

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