Electrical Clamp

It is a clamp which holds the conductor and the circuit element.

Full Description:
Indicating Electrical Clamp

Electrical Clamp is a device to secure (hold) the terminal of a circuit element and connector piece (electrical jumper) for providing a resistance free continuous path for the flow of current in an EHV electrical network like a power generating station or a power grid sub-station.

The conventional clamps like the PG Clamps and T-Clamps for the purpose, which are being used are loosing grip over terminals thus introducing air gap between the contact surfaces after short spans of operation because of vibrations caused by the system disturbances. This demands for continuous monitoring and tightening of these clamps. But it is very difficult to do so in a large power station without disruption of normal power supply.

In case a loose clamp is not tightened in time, the air gap created between the terminals and the clamp surfaces, introduces a resistance in the circuit. And once created this resistance goes on increasing in geometrical progression particularly if the air around is moist. Then a stage comes when the heat generated by the loss of power in this local pocket of resistance is so large that it damages the very circuit element it holds resulting in the breakdown of a circuit or the concerned station itself. A current transformer is such a circuit element, which is more susceptible to damage on this account because of the locational disadvantage in the circuit, because of which it is also subjected to continuous strain from the connecting jumper. This is also the reason as to why the damage to the Cts is much more compared to other circuit elements. ( Note:- a special electrical Connector/ jumper has also been designed for the Cts in a circuit.)

The new Indicating Electrical Clamp offered is so designed as to provide a clear and unambiguous indication at its own as and when any looseness needing tightness occurs. Thus the need to monitor looseness at clamps is eliminated. In turn it eliminates the chief cause of damage to Cts.

Apart from the indicating feature, these clamps also ensure much better grip both for the terminal of the circuit element and the connector and as such minimise the chance of loosening.

Thus this clamp is much more efficient versatile, so its use in place of conventional clamps in EHV electrical networks will save the costly circuit elements from damage ensuring undisrupted operation of the power station and the power system.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It will save Current Transformers and other circuit elements of electrical power networks from damage and thus saving the POwer Systems from unwanted failures.

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Date posted: 2008-02-19

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