Radar Wave Dissipation for Stealth / Invisibility

This technology involves a technique to conceal or disguise the correct size or shape of an object scanned by a radar. Radar waves are essentially confused when applied to an object like a vehicle. It can be used to increase the invisibility of a vehicle designed for stealth, or to add stealth capabilities to a regular vehicle.

Full Description:
The technology can be applied to military vehicles and capital ships. Furthermore, if properly developed, this technology could be retro-deployable on existing military aircraft, capital ships and vehicles. Given the possible future availability of radar-guided SAM’s, commercial aircraft may come under risk. Since there is no currently available defense available for commercial aircraft, this technology may offer a retro-deployable commercial solution as well.

The developing company believes that if its technology is developed successfully, it will be the most effective radar defensive technology available for all branches of the military and commercial sectors. This technology will become a more versatile and cost-effective supplement to the existing Stealth technology currently deployed.

The technology is supported by a US patent. This application was formerly under a USAF Secrecy Order.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
For the military, the only known and effective method of disguising aircraft when traveling in enemy territory is the well-known “Stealth” technology. This technology was developed in the 1970’s. It is currently available on existing F-117’s and B-2’s and is being incorporated into development of the Joint Strike Fighter and other military aircraft.

However, the limitations of current Stealth technology are well known to all, friends and adversaries alike. Among these limitations, existing Stealth technology is restricted to specific mission profiles and is not retro-deployable on existing military aircraft. The company believes that these limitations may be overcome via its new and unique technology.

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Date posted: 2008-03-26

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