Radio Shielding

This technology provides a product which passively inhibits wireless signals within a predefined environment. Importantly, the technology will fit the needs of new construction and will be able to be retrofitted for existing structures as well.

Full Description:
This technology is markedly different from other shielding technologies. The technique uses the electromagnetic, not the electrical, properties of a radio signal to reduce the strength of the incoming radio signal. An incoming radio signal impinges on a coating of dielectric material which acts like a mirror, reflecting a certain portion of the radio signal, decreasing its strength. The remaining radio signal then impinges upon a special pattern which creates interference.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The proliferation of wireless communication usage is a fact. The wireless phone industry, in particular, has experienced amazing growth over the past decade. Reduced rates, decreased size of equipment, and increased coverage have led to more and more wireless users and a most significant increase in radio waves within the human environment. As this growth has occurred, people, and the wireless companies themselves, have increasingly become concerned about the possible harmful effects of wireless signal radiation.

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Date posted: 2008-03-26

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