Wanna be in a Rock Band

Follow musical notes on a screen to keep your timing while playing a song. You may play any instrument that goes with the CD you bought!! The screen will show strum patterns for guitar and also the lyrics to sing along with it.

Full Description:
Karoke system which displays musical notes and lyrical content: Abstract: A karoke system which displays and highlights musical notes and tablature, in additon to lyrics, as they are to be played or sung, with a view to helping an aspiring musician learn to play their instrument of choice. The system further utilizes a means to slow the tempo of the song that's being played, so that the aspiring musician can master the notes and timing of the songs. The system can be patched to any TV system or displayed on the screen of the system itself. The system contains an amp which allows for plugging in of electric instruments and features a built in microphone. The system further allows a musician the option of a "full band" backup when the song us played, ot the option of hearing only the selected instrument while playing along. Compact disks can be provided which contains the songs, musical notes, lyrics and back up music thereon.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Music industry

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Invention #10701
Date posted: 2008-03-30

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